Mudras: Your hands are powerful!

Have you ever wondered why yogis touch their thumb to their index finger when meditating? Or perhaps you have heard someone in your yoga class talking about mudra’s and not been entirely sure what they were talking about.  We were curious too, and so we scoured the internet and found out that mudra’s are multifaceted and an easy addition to any yogi’s toolbox. So let’s break it down 🙂

Mudra means “seal” or “closure” in Sanskrit, and is incredibly easy to add to any meditation or pranayama (varied breath) session. When practicing a mudra we simply bring a combination of our thumb and one or two of our other fingers together, it is believed that this creates/closes a circuit in the body known as channels for the energy to flow through.  In addition, each combination of mudra is said to increase an aspect of our attention, for example; bringing the ring finger and thumb together is believed to provide the yogi with a feeling of balance and can also help with bringing positive changes into our lives.

DOYOUYOGA has created a fantastic article that’s clearly and concisely explains the different mudras used in Yoga.  We’re not going to re-write the article when they have done such a great job of it so check out their article 7 Common Yoga Mudras Explained  and add a mudra to your practice that may take your practice to the next level.
Happy reading!

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