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At Bareneed Yoga we offer a variety of Hatha Yoga classes. Hatha Yoga is the traditional yoga that comes to mind when we think “yoga” here in the west. Hatha Yoga was developed by the ancient yogi’s to train and strengthen their bodies so that they would be able to endure longer meditation sessions. It has evolved in the west to be a form of exercise combining three elements: physical poses, called asanas; controlled breathing practiced in conjunction with asanas, called a vinyasa; and a short period of deep relaxation or meditation. By using specific body postures organized into routine sequences, and connecting the movements with the breath, we perform yoga to keep our bodies flexible, while increasing our strength and endurance, with the side benefit of calming our nerves and stilling our minds.

At Bareneed Yoga our goal is to provide a class for all levels of yogis. Each class is designed around a specific theme, want to increase your flexibility? Try our Soft class. Want to release some stress? Try our Shine class! Whatever your goals, we have a class for you. All of our classes are open to new yogi’s, we recommend Intensity level 1 to make it easier to learn as you go along, when you arrive for class let the instructor know that the class is new to you and our teachers will take care of you!

Our knowledgeable instructors are available 6 days a week to help you reach your goals. Check out our class schedules and class descriptions in the links below, and if you still have questions we invite you to contact us 1-888-229-5214 and one of our knowledgeable teachers will be happy to help guide you to the right class for you!

Clothing that is flexible but not too loose that it falls in your face when you bend over is recommended, a small towel and a bottle of water are recommended for every class, but if you forget don’t worry you can buy some before class starts.
Please arrive a maximum of 5 minutes prior to the start of classes. Classes start on time and the doors will be locked to protect the flow of the class. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Classes are rated on a scale of 1 – 3 for intensity.

Intensity Description
Gentle flowing movements focusing on form and sychronizing the breath with the movement. Great for unwinding or being introduced to Hatha Yoga. Recommended for yogi’s new to yoga, yogi’s who haven’t been to the gym in a while, and yogi’s looking to unwind with a good stretch that won’t push their edge.
Classes will induce a light sweat and slight increase in heart rate. Recommended for beginners and intermediate yogi’s. Teachers will offer variations and modifications for poses throughout the class to either increase or decrease the intensity of the pose, letting the yogi decide what is best for them.
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Class Descriptions

lotus pose

Intensity Level Classes

Stretch – Too stiff for yoga? – 50 min –

Senior’s Flow – A yoga class for our senior yogi’s and yogi’s with limited mobility, Restore your body – 50 min –

Soft – A soft Hatha flow that gently opens your body – 50 min – Great for beginners!

Calm – A calming Hatha flow that gently opens your body – 50 min –

Intensity Level Classes

Shine – Enjoy a Sun Salutation vinyasa with a little extra to realign your body and your mind – 50 min –

warrior 3

Luna – Unwind and relax with this late night favorite – 50 min –

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