What are Mudras?

Mudras: Your hands are powerful! Have you ever wondered why yogis touch their thumb to their index finger when meditating? Or perhaps you have heard someone in your yoga class talking about mudra’s and not been entirely sure what they were talking about.  We were curious too, and so we scoured the internet and found […]

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Healthy Pumpkin Muffin Recipe :)

Healthy Pumpkin Muffins, mmm 😋 We like to substitute apple sauce for oil in our recipes, cuts the calories count way down and just feels so much healthier without losing any taste 🙂 Check out the recipe on the website Bless This Mess – Healthy Pumpkin Muffins Recipe And we’ve found a fantastic list of modifications for those of […]

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Exploring Pigeon Pose in all it’s Glory

Exploring Pigeon Pose in all it’s Glory Pigeon Pose is an amazing hip opening pose that gets to those deep muscles in the glutes and hips including the psoas and piriformis.  A deep opening posture, Pigeon pose is an amazing pose to work up to, adding it into your workout towards the end so you are […]

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Mountain ~ Tadasana

Let’s explore Mountain pose, in Sanskrit known as Tadasana. Mountain pose is an active pose, I usually explain to my intro class that we don’t hang-out in mountain pose, but we return to it often. By referring to Mountain pose as active I mean that the muscles are engaged.  Features of Mountain Pose: Feet are […]

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Bareneed Yoga

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