Wondering what the benefits are of practicing yoga?

There’s so many benefits we can’t possibly list them all, but we are going to try, 1 benefit at a time. Today’s benefit… Flexibility
No matter how flexible or inflexible we think we are there’s always more flexibility available within our bodies. Yoga adds space to the body including the millimeters of space that exists between our joints. Over the years gravity, wear and tear compress the joints leading to aches and pains as we get older and wake up realizing we can no longer touch our toes.  As the joints compress the muscles, ligaments and fascia that surround the joint get tighter as they adapt to the shorter distance they have to cover, and voila! We feel like stiff boards of stick people walking around with our strings pulled tight.
Regular practice of yoga (recommended 2 – 3 times a week, but lets be honest, once a week is still better than 0 times a week 😉 ) will increase the bodies flexibility by stretching the muscle and connective tissue, such as fascia and ligaments, creating a freedom of movement as we stretch and extend putting more space back into the body.  This added space and lengthening of muscles will start to show in less aches and pains and more grace in the flow of your movements as you go about your daily life.  Do you have a co-worker who seems to move like a ballerina all of the time, we’re will to bet they practice yoga regularly. Just think about it, when were starting with 5 mm (that’s half a centimeter, varied by individual but around there) of space in our knee joint adding 1 mm or taking away 1 mm makes a world of difference in how we feel when we bend our knee.  
So here’s to down dog-ing and warrior-ing our way to a more flexible and graceful you!

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