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Welcome to Bareneed Yoga!  We are so pleased to have you visit our site and hope to see you in our classes!

A little bit about us, Bareneed Yoga is located in Bareneed, Newfoundland, just outside of Bay Roberts on your way to Port de Grave.  The yoga studio was opened with a vision of bringing full-time Yoga to the Bareneed area and surrounding communities.  To us, yoga is a whole body health, a way to worship your entire being, we envisioned offering a variety of yoga classes throughout the days so that there would be a yoga class for everyone to enjoy and gain from, available when you are!

Our motto is Feed the body, Nourish the soul. We hope you will join us on your yoga journey.

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Constance Gray 

Owner/Operator/Hatha Teacher

Constance has been practicing yoga for as long as she can remember, somehow the movements came naturally. This was at times a cause for concern to her mother, when practicing corpse pose (aka savasana) at the age of 11 Constance’s mother asked “What are you doing?”. Constance was doing what felt good and natural and had just finished what she thought of as stretching (vinyasa), and was enjoying a meditative moment in savasana. And so Constance replied “Mom, it feels so great! It’s like I’m dead!”. Constance’s mother didn’t take this statement very well, and obviously as a parent it is understandable why . Constance didn’t know what she was doing and poorly described the feeling of floating away that she was enjoying in her savasana pose.

On a different yet significantly related note, Constance also suffered from scoliosis (curvature of the spine) as a child and at the tender age of 12 had major back surgery to install rods along her spine to prevent further curvature. Living with a 41 degree s-curve in her spine and the resulting trauma to the body of major back surgery, Constance found that yoga was her saving grace, performing daily exercise that kept her back strong and her muscles flexible became the difference between constant pain including walking with a limp and simply feeling normal with minor aches and pains. Now many years later, Constance is finishing a 200 hour yoga teacher training program, and is excited to bring the joy and inner peace she has always found in yoga to the Bareneed Yoga studio, in addition to helping those suffering from daily aches and pains to potentially become pain free.

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